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Collaboration with Laura_ Designer of Kikki

This project has been a project based on internet collaboration between the UK and Holland. I have been working with Laura who is the artist who designed the character Kikki.
The brief was to develop a character that could, in some way, interact with an other character with the purpose of encouraging internet collaboration between both NSAD and BREDA. Work is a three week project in which we both have to communicate a narrative and complete an animation involving the two character. To see Laura's development work visit Laura's Link.

Line Test_Umbrella in Wind

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Maddi is taking a morning potter in the rain, which is much to her distaste. As she grumperly shuffles along the wet road the wind suddenly blows so hard that her brolly is whisked away in to the sky. This angers her as she is now getting drenched.
As she walks puddles start to appear on the street and there is a distant sound of laughter and digging.
As she gets closer she turns to see a little girl in bright yellow welly boots frantically throwing earth over her shoulder. This is Kikki, having the most fun she as had for a while, not too long though as Kikki generally enjoys most things but most of all she loves digging. In her excitement Kikki has covered poop old Maddi's shoes in mud which maddens Maddi almost to the point of violence.
With this Maddi storms up to little Kikki and begins to try and steal Kikkis shiney yellow boots from of the innocent little girl. Kikki does not like this, not one little bit, and prompty hits mad Maddi over the head with her spade. This causes Maddi to be rather taken aback and releases poor little Kikkis shoes from her crazed grip.
Kikki then runs of and Maddi is left looking rather ashamed and embarressed at what her anger had driven her too. Then after a short while Kikki returns and with her she brings a pair of Maddi sized boots and for the first time in many a long time Maddi smiles. She is clearly sorry for what she has done and in a jiffy she has the boots on. Kikki then shows Maddi how fun jumping in puddles can be. The two new friend then spend the rest of the rainy day together. Kikki digging puddles and Maddi following behind jumping in them.
The End.

Mood Board_Development

Scene 1_Wet and Angry

Scene 1_Wind Blows

Scene 1_Walking in Rain

Monday, 15 October 2007

Character Profile_Berel Maddi

Berel Maddi is a middle, going on old, aged woman with a very short temper.
What irritates her most is the youth of today enjoying themselves, shoes with laces- due too much bending over, and wet wheather that can cause disruption to her daily pottering (old peoples warlking).She is a slow mover and being overtaken on the street can frighten and annoy her.
Her day usually involves pottering up and down her street and making cream teas for her friends who never seem to come.
Beril is altogether lonely due to her grumpy disposition and really needs to be cheered up.